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Behavior Services

Behavior Services

Research studies report behavioral problems to be the main reason why young, healthy animals are euthanized or relinquished to shelters.

The good news is that we are here to help!  We want to work with you and your pet because changing behaviors saves pets' lives and enhances the human-animal relationship; which is why you have a pet in the first place!

Some problems that are perceived as 'behavioral' actually turn out to be medical.  For this reason, a physical exam and potential lab work is needed to effectively diagnose your pet's problem.  Your referring veterinarian can perform the physical exam prior to the behavioral consult.

Before the Appointment
Call our office at 269.342.9865 to schedule your Behavioral Consultation.  Then, fill out and submit the appropriate form below.  Alternatively, you can print the form and drop it by the clinic.  Our doctor will review the history form before your scheduled appointment.
At the Appointment
Please bring all medication, collars, leashes, and training aids you have used with your pet.  Don't forget to bring any video footage of the problem behavior.  Our doctor will discuss the case history with you.  At that time, lab work may be performed if indicated.   A diagnosis will be made and we will work together to develop a treatment plan specifically for your pet.
After the Appointment
Most cases require follow-up behavioral modification homework for your pet's specific problem behaviors.  For dogs, we work closely with a local Certified Professional Dog Trainer who can schedule training sessions in your home!
Canine Behavior History
Canine Senility Questionnaire
Feline Behavior History
Feline Housesoiling History