Milwood Animal Clin​ic​

Boarding Services
Bring your pet's favorite food
Boarding Services
Our staff will discuss your pet's personal feeding instructions with you to make sure there is no change to your pet's diet while you are gone.
Bring a familiar cage
If your pet has a familiar cage or carrier, bring it along and give him/her all the comforts of home.  Toys and blankets are also encouraged!
Bring any medications
If your pet is taking any medications, our staff will take careful notes and administer any medications he/she needs.
We provide boarding accommodations for birds, exotic small mammals, and reptiles. We have specially designed our boarding rooms for exotic pets with video entertainment to enhance your pet's visit here while providing a safe environment!

If your pet has medical needs such as diabetes and requires regular insulin injections, we can provide the detailed care necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Call us at (269) 342-9865 to schedule your pet's boarding reservation!